Baffery and Decay

an old man, with a moustache

baffo is the most common nickname in Italy. It means "a guy with a moustache". I have a moustache. Thus, I am baffo. Also, nobody had used it yet.

I live in Pisa, in Central Italy, where I spend most of my time doing a PhD in arcane, computer-related subjects. When I am not hacking, usually I am reading.

You can write me at an address that I will describe as: my username on this system followed by @ followed by "interactionesign-lab.com".

Emily Post says: Anger in a letter carries with it the effect of solidified fury; the words spoken in reproof melt with the breath of the speaker once the cause is forgiven. The written words on the page fix them for eternity. Love in a letter endures likewise forever.

Detto popolare messicano: cada quien hace de su culo un papalote, y lo echa a volar por donde quiera. In altri termini, con le cose tue ci fai quello che vuoi, e anche dove c'è gusto non c'è perdenza.

Ahi Pisa, vituperio delle genti
del bel paese là dove il sì suona,
poi che i vicini a te punir son lenti,

movasi la Capraia e la Gorgona,
e faccian siepe ad Arno in su la foce
sì ch’egli annieghi in te ogni persona!

(Dante, Inferno, Canto XXXIII, vv 79-84)
borges, cooking, fotografare, leggere fantascienza, pornography, python, risotto